Friday, August 26, 2005

Joyce Meyer

I love listening to Joyce Meyer.I love the way she will just tell you like it is .She definately does NOT sugar coat what she is trying to get across to you at all .She is so inspirational to me .I like to listen to her in the morning while Gup is in the shower and I am doing my makeup .He is not as fond of her as I am ,so that is why I listen to her while he is doing other things .I listened to one of her "sermons" today that was just awesome .I called my mom and was talking about what she had said and how true it was and on and on .Well my mom missed it and I was thinking ...'you know, they gave a website. I wonder if they have the sermons uplaoded to the website for viewing' ( I just recently realized that my own church website offers that as well ) .
Well I went there and they DO offer the sermons ...I was like yeahhhhhh!!! I felt like I hit the jackpot and thought I would share the links with you guys :)
I also thought that her work in Africa was interesting so I am posting a link to it also for those of you that might want to go check that.I know my MIL has a soft spot for those over in Africa .Actually she has mentioned wanting to join the Peace Corp after visiting Africa .I think if it wasn't for her family she really would .

Have a Great Friday :)


  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Thx for stopping by my site and leaving a comment. I love Joyce, see always seems to know what and how to say things. Often it seems as though she is talking to me personally.

  2. I didn't skip ya!

    Here via Michele :)

    Happy Friday :)

  3. I've seen her show a few times...

    I do like her open and blunt way of talking...very cool

    I love, love, love Kay Arthur too from Precept Ministries....

    oh and you didn't miss me coming pc was officially fixed it was just still getting stuff uploaded and I back posted LOL

  4. I have never heard of her I will have to check her site out! Here via Michele..have a great weekend!

  5. i used to watch joyce online every day before my computer sound went on the fritz. i miss her now! can never find her on t.v.

    hey, is there a reason why you don't have a site feed? sometimes i don't get to you for days because you're not on my Sage list and i tend to just go through those quickly every morning...just wondering...


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