Friday, August 05, 2005

Drive by ...

I witnessed a drive by peeing ...At work today I went to the little girls room ...TMI I know anyway ,I was sitting there doing my business and in comes this little person ( I could tell by the voice and the foot stomping ) I see these two little feet in the stall next to me facing the toilet ..I am thinking ahhhhh someone brought thier lil boy in here to potty ...Wrong, apparently he was alone and singing a lil tune all the while Anyway he steps into the stall next thing I know a stream of pee comes shooting out from under the stall straight towards my feet At first I jumped then I had to giggle ...he peed and was gone in about 4 seconds I am not kidding ...he must have wipped it out, did his bidness and took off ..If I had not been in the big stall I would have had a very wet shoe There was no shaking , no flushing , no hand cleaning I think maybe next time his mommy may want to join him, and I am thinking daddy may want to teach the boy some aim ...

Peeing In The Snow

It is a good thing he did not have to poop


  1. Ewww... :) Glad your shoes stayed dry!

  2. glad I wasn't there.

    I think you need a raise just on account of this. LOL

  3. Anonymous11:45 PM

    LOL! You made me giggle.. Makes me wonder about my son. He is all into this "Im a big boy now" thing.. And so When he has to go in public I take him to the bathroom and stand right outside the door(Which ticks people off)of the ladies room(sorry i wont let him use the men's room yet he is just too little.. Now i'm going to have to go in and make sure he is doing it right..LOL and not all over the floor..

  4. Some folks really need to be better parents...

    Am glad you didn't get pee'd on ROFL!

  5. HAHA! I would have died if that was funny!

  6. that's funny. my son has always been a straight shooter, never misses. and if some drips get on the seat, he has always gotten a tissue to wipe it off. i never even taught him that!! i think it's hilarious that you found a peeing smiley to go with the story!!

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    i'm loving your little man peeing in the snow!!!!!!
    little boys and hygiene, two words that just don't mix

  8. I am happy to hear that you are ok. Being the MOM of 3 boys, I still find it to be very funny.


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