Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thanks to Ficken Chingers

Yeah!!!! ...My girl Ficken Chingers has tagged me for this very easy meme which I am more then happy to do since I really did not have anything else for a post except my extreme annoyance at some of the cast of Big Brother 6 ...Soo I will not go into that and spare you the foul language that would more than likely accompany that post ....lol

So here goes :

10 turn ons :( hopefully meaning not sexually )
1. God
2.My husband
5.great smelling candles from yankee
6.my husbands cologne ( Pi) ..mmmm it smells so good
7.My smell goods from Bath and Body Works
8.interior decorating
10.long,pointless drives with hubby as a way to get out and be together

10 turn offs :
2.bad body odor
3.ugly hands
4.ugly feet
5.rude obnoxious people
6.bad drivers
7."Cappy "

Thank you for the meme :) I would like to tag a few people myself ...lol
I am tagging Spat , Butterfly , TOK, Millinium Hippie , Mom is Nutz , Mom is Busy ,and Vegasprincess :)
Let me know if you are going to do it and I will come check it out !!! I go back to work tomorrow so everyone have a great wednesday :)


  1. I totally agree with your list where you say "Cappy" and everyone else! UGH! Can we go to the big brother house and punch Ivette in the face???? Would that be so wrong???????

    Cool Meme!

  2. Ha, sh*t you did tag me didn't ya??? AHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA! Didn't notice that before! :) Sneaky Sneakersons! Ok, I'll have to get on then when I get home.

  3. oh boy i've been tagged..i'll get at as soon as i can type..

    LOL at "cappy"..ivettle..beau..grrr grrr and ugly feet..

    my son hates feet...lmao..he's 15 and notices every foot in the state..

    do show some of your scrapbooking..i so want to pick that up..

  4. ok i posted the meme, thanks for the tag. I missed big brother last night :(

  5. Oh boy a meme!! I'll do it first thing tomorrow! Love your answers!

    Oh and by the way.... HI! :)

  6. Hola chica...I already did this one...I'm the one that tagged Angie..LOL...so...go to my blog and page down...it's there...

  7. ohh yaeh I hated cappy too :)

  8. So I was thinking..that would mean like...you couldn't ever date a hobbit..right?


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