Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My prayers are with you !!!!

For all of you that are affected by this horrible ,horrible storm ....

My thoughts and prayers are with you ...

God Bless you all !!

I have a friend that lives in Stewart Mississippi that I have not heard from .I am trusting that God is taking care of them but I am also asking for them to be lifted up in prayer :) Thank you all in advance .


  1. Well I just was expressing today in my post that I wasn't a particularly religous person but for you, I will pray for your friend and for all those other unfortunate people in this unfortunate time.

  2. I hope your friend is OK! Maybe you'll hear from him/her soon!!

    My prayers go up for all the victiims. I pray for them to have strength, courage, and patience... God will provide!

  3. Anonymous6:23 PM

    it's so hard to even comprehend what has happened, i watch the coverage on cnn, it's like i'm watching a diaster movie, it's hard to believe this is what mother nature can do. i hope your friend is ok.

  4. My prayers are with them too!


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