Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I have no idea for a post ..I was not even going to but thought what the hell ..I had a hard day at work ...I am still by myself .I had some co-worker start an untrue rumor about me ..Ohhhh that annoys me ..WE are not in high school anymore people ...My feet are killing me ..Something I ate today gave me the runs ...TMI ..I am sure but hey ..it is how my day has went ..lol I am wore out and the highlight of my evening will be Big Brother although since my hubby found the live feed boards I already know what is going to transpire ...I really should stop letting him tell me ..lol I hope everyone reading this is having a good week ..I hope mine gets better ..lol oh and Yeahhhhh the 'nauts ' landed safely :) I am stoked about that ...Ok well feeling the way I do ..that is about it for now ....TTFN :)


  1. I had a day of....nothing. Except Princess's karate, which I had to sit there and watch her and do...nothing. I a SO lazy today!

  2. OHHHH Gotta LOVE Big Brother!! So, do you have a favorite???? I must admit I am kinda diggin James. I like the lil' bad ass he thinks he is. Cracks me up. PLUS... who do you want voted back in???

    Found your link on Michelle's blog!

  3. Yikes! I am sorry to hear you had a hard day yesterday! I hope today is going alot better for you... Take care of yourself!!

  4. Hope today is a much better one! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your room.

  5. Anonymous6:36 PM

    awwww, hope you day improved, here's a hug from me to you ()

  6. Wth? Why would they be such a jerk? Ugh..sorry to hear that.. I hope you're feeling better now....

    VOTE KAYSAR people!

    I have been getting so many hits to my blog from people searching vote kaysar and vote cappy..

    Why would anyone other then his friends and family want to vote cappy? LOL


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