Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Chuppah

If I have any Jewish readers they will probably know what this is .For those of you that do not ,I will explain . I was talking to my blog buddie Butterflyinjesus ( if you do not know who she is go over and visit ..she is awesome .)about some of the Jewish influence we incorperated into our wedding .The chuppah being the biggest one .I have my mother to thank for this ,it was her idea .I had no idea what a chuppah was until she suggested it and explained to me what it was .Now I think my wedding would have not been complete without it .Our wedding party each had a side and they held it up as we stood under it and people walked through it to give us blessings . We handed out little flyers to explain what we were doing and this is what it said :


What are they walking under?

side panels:The grapes represent "new wine".

Center: Rays of God's Light flood the center .

The butterflies~Purple and Yellow~represent the couple.
They have been transformed from the caterpillar(chrysalis)
to the new,which flies freely in God's light .

The 3rd butterfly is a combination of both colors .It is part of both,
yet is new.Notice that the butterfly is in the center of God's Light .

Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife ,and they become one flesh . Genesis 2:24


A good friend of my mother and sister in Christ made this Chuppah and hand painted it for us .I am forever grateful ..It turned out beautifully .
I also wanted to include for those of you that have not already seen these ,the link to our wedding vows that guppy posted for our friends and family to read(this is best viewed in IE ..for some reason Firefox jacks it up pretty good ) .Alot of family wanted a copy because we cried all the way through our vows and most could not understand them I am so happy that we decided to write our own .We were so boo-hooing though because neither of us had heard the others until the moment we actualy read them So it got very emotional .

As a side note ...We are not Jewish we are Christian,but in essence aren't we all Jewish ?..


  1. Growing up, I knew a lot about the Jewish religion and culture for someone who wasn’t Jewish. We were members of a JCC. I remember every Friday we would eat Challah/Hallah bread during Shabbat at the JCC after school care program. Everyone else was use to eating it all the time at their house, so it wasn’t such a big deal to them. So I came off as being a little bit overly thrilled with the delicious bread :)

  2. The Chuppah seems a wonderful way to show togetherness.

    Hi, I'm here from Michele's place.

  3. What a wonderful post!! I love what you did at your wedding,, and I agree with you and Melissa,, I think we are all in essence, Jewish. BTW I LOVE your new look!

    Take care,

  4. Hello, Michele sent me. The chuppah is beautiful.

  5. I LOVE weddings that are a bit out of the ordinary and incorporate other traditions! Yours was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing.

    BTW ... thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Oh .. and I like your new blog template! Its almost red without being glaring! A toned down, muter color which is very lovely!

  6. Beautiful :)
    did we change the tem[;ate again or am I really losing my mind?

  7. Anonymous7:53 PM

    i don't know very much about the jewish religion, my sister married one, but it ended in divorce, many, many years ago.
    i notice you "changed" again, very nice, i see you're decorating this time around

  8. Beautiful!

    And, I love your new look! Have I already told you that? Well, I do. :)

  9. Hey PS! I posted pics of the scrapbooking layouts I completed today. I was thinking of you because I knwo you are a scrapbooker too. Feel free to visit :)

  10. That's sweet...

    I thought I was at the wrong place when I saw pink vs. green LOL I changed mine, too, today for a little while, anyway.

  11. Wow...that's totally cool! I knew absolutely nothing about the Chuppa before...

    Here via Michele's this time :)

  12. My wife and I were married under one - kind of a given since we're both Jewish. What I've always loved about the chuppah is its rich symbolism.

    It represents the married couple's home. We start with a roof, and it's up to us to build a foundation and walls. Everything revolves around home and familiy, and nothing else can happen unless you work together to build those out.

    It's a remarkable message that has ancient roots, and it has resonated deeply in our marriage since the day we first stepped under the chuppah together.

    I'm here from Michele's - this time. However I get here, you always manage to challenge and teach.

  13. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Hey, I love Greek people. I even wrote a little story about them in my blog.

    Thanks for dropping by the tree house. I always love it when company comes over.

  14. Your pictures and story are increidble!! What a unique and awesome idea!

  15. wow girl, it's amazingly beautiful. I got chills.

    Thanks for posting these pics and the the beauty of your wedding.

    I miss ya.. my pc crashed. :o(

    R's trying to fix it...he's let me get on his for a bit before in implode. .LOL

  16. Well...gee..thanks, I read the vows...and cried..I am usually not so sappy..but that was awesome...


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