Thursday, August 04, 2005


The Crappy Cappy bitches have voted off Kaysar along with his own people except Janelle( what is up with that ...they are all scared as they should be ) ....WE DO NOT WANT CRAPPY CAPPY to come back so please I beg of you to go now and vote for Kaysar to come back ..I for one can not continue to watch this show if Cappy comes back ...Hearing Ivette cry for cappy as she humps his leg will be to much to handle for me ...So please go now and vote for #3 :) Thank you and we now return to our regularly scheduled program :) .......

CLICK HERE TO VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I guess everyone and thier mom is trying to get on the site at once ...It is not coming up for me and being very slow for Guppy please be patient but please still go and vote :) Thank you !!!!

For a great BB6 summary go visit Butterfly over at Girl in Metamorphosis

This is what I think of Ivette :


  1. I hate Ivette too!! Oh man....what is up with her missing him so much?? She is bent!

    So we can't vote until the west coast has seen the episode. I've tried twice now. Cappy will not come back. He just cant!!!

  2. GRRR, I so wish I never started watching this show...

    If Crappy comes back I'm done..

    I won't be able to deal with the stupidity.. LOL

  3. OKay I voted...whew!

  4. Grrrr..I am so mad! I'm getting ready to go post about it on my blog...I've already voted a BUNCH!!!

  5. Girl I cannot tell you how many times I voted! I got on the computer RIGHT when BB ended and voted and voted. AND VOTED. Kaysar will come back or it's fixed. I am going to vote all day everyday so Ivette can cry and cry! Dumb HO! WooHoo!


  6. i just voted twice for gorgeous kaysar and will vote everytime i get on this computer until wednesday.

    what is UP with ivette CRYING about cappy? calling out for cappy during competitions? isn't she a lesbian? why is she acting like she just lost her husband? even THEN it would STILL be overkill!!!!!

  7. I am so glad we are all in agreement over here. I'm off to vote some more!!

  8. I might have to stop watching if Cappy comes back--between him and Ivette I might have a a seizure!

  9. so does anyone know who was the one person who voted for kaysar to stay in?


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