Monday, August 29, 2005

" Wow ,I had no idea some kids are tortured like that ."

Me :"So lil one what would you like as a reward for doing your chores?"

lil one:"um,let me see,what would I like......Swimming ? "

Gup: " You can not swim in the winter so that will not work .Plus going some where every week will not always be possible so you need to think of something else ."

Me:"well do you not care if you get money ?Because your mom offers you $7.oo a week to do 7 things and you said you have only ever done three of them and that was once so what is the deal with that ?"

lil one:" Well it IS kind of cheap ."

Me:" (with a WTF look on my face ) "Cheap ?...Cheap ??Most kids your age get like a quarter a chore .When I was a kid I had to do chores and I did not get paid I just got grounded if I didn't do them.I would say $7.00 is a really good price for doing seven chores for a 7 year old."

lil one :" Wow ,I had no idea some kids are tortured like that ."

Where in the world does she come up with this ? Does anyone else out there have thier kids do chores?Do you reward them and how ?Do you punish them if they are not done?

She also has a list of daily responsibilities and rules that she must do or she gets either stood in the corner or grounded from favorite things .It is basically a daily routine with guidlines .Like backpack in your room ,clean up your area after eating , wash hands before eating and after using the potty and etc....

We are so undecided if chores should be totally optional to her and she just doesn't get rewarded if not done, or if it should be not optional and she will get in trouble for NOT doing any .I really think she needs some reponsibility .She has sort of a spoiled princess mentality when it comes to doing chores basically and she needs to get out of that really .She is a great kid otherwise .I just feel it is our responsibility to teach her some responsibility .Her mother seems to lack quite a bit in this area .She tends to go from a very structured ,has rules,basic daily routine here .To a free- for- all at her moms house .She definately needs something stable and constant .Anyway I went off on a slight tangent there

Any chore input would be wonderful :)


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    We have always given him a few chores, no rewards for doing them and no punishment for not doing them since not doing them isn't going to happen.

    There are some things he can do above the assigned chores that could earn money if he wants to do them but the basic ones are just one of the requirments of being a responsible memeber of the family.

  2. My son had chores, certain things he was required to do; he had to do them because he is a member of the family and, well, I just wasn't going to do it ALL...they were always age-appropriate chores, though I really pushed for him to learn to do his own laundry, so that the rule could be 'If You Wear it, You Wash It.' And I never again had to handle skid marked boxer shorts :)

    He also got an allowance. No strings attached. That was mainly to teach him to handle money. He could earn extra money by doing extra chores. If he didn't do his regular chores, he just got grounded...I never took any of his allowance away.

    He *always* thought he was being tortured because he had to do things...but he admits now it was a good thing.

  3. My kids had chores and an allowance and while there was a relationship it was not clearly defined. We expected shores to be done because that was their way of contributing to the family. Not doing them was just not an option.We had some grumbling , but they got done. Of course we weren't dealing with another set of rules at another house either.

  4. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Ha.. This is too funny. My 12 yr son told me that if I wasn't going to give him his allowance then he wasn't going to do his chores. I told him that I didn't have to pay him. That he had to do chores no matter what.

    He said"what about child labor laws"
    Me "they will laugh at you thinking that I am over working you because I want you to sweep the floor""Im not making you scrub floors for hours or dig ditches"
    "but if you want me to, well I can arrange that"
    I told him that legally I only have to feed him, dress him and send him off to school. He shut up after that.


  5. No rewards are given for chores in my house. Punishments are given if chores are not done or are done only half ass.

    The way I see it, everyone is a part of the family, and everyone has to participate in the care of the family, even the crap no one wants to do. I have a calendar that lists the chores, days they are scheduled for, and family members assigned to complete the chore... it works really well in our house. No one has to wonder what needs to get done and there are no excuses such as "I forgot"... lol

    If the kids want to earn some spending cash, they can do chores that are not regular everyday chores, such as cleaning out the garage or washing vehicles. Most everything else is a normal daily/weekly chore.

  6. We use an "all-in" family policy. My husband made a good point that he is not about to pay her for making her bed. She has things that simply MUST be done like her bedroom, clothes etc. For the main house there are no set chores but when we announce "Ok- it's time to clean up everyone!" that means EVERYONE and she gets a list of her share.

    We don't use a reward unless it's extra work like pulling weeds or helping on a specific project.

    She does get punhised though if her bed isn't made before she leaves for school or if she pitches attitude at cleaning time.

  7. I'd have to agree with Tommy. Some chores that are just part of contributing to the family, and some others for extra money. But that is probably torture as well.

  8. Anonymous6:46 PM

    My kids help around the house but do not get paid. okay so dad slips them a five here and there. But they don't get an allowance on a regular basis.
    THeres just certian things you do because you are part of this house.

  9. My kids supposedly have chores (clean up after themselves, keep rooms clean). If they don't, then they lose priviledges (like having friends over) or toys (those that don't get picked up either get recycled to charity or put away until they can prove they'll take care of it).

    They do have the chance to earn extra by doing extra chores, but only after their set stuff is done.


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